CCBB Educative Rio de Janeiro


CCBB Educative Belo Horizonte


CCBB Educative São Paulo


CCBB Educative São Paulo (2009/now), CCBB Educative Brasília

(in progress)

Brazilian Academy of Letters


Petit Trianon. The project began at the centenary of ABL and due to huge success the season was extended for fifteen years.

Eva Klabin Foundation – BBC Latin America.

(30 de agosto de 2010)

Script and production of thriller plot with a touch of humor for the release of fiction series, as “Sherlock”

Rui Barbosa House - A Sunday at Rui Barbosa’s House

(2006 e 2007)

IPHAN – Open doors churches


CCBB Rio de Janeiro - Show “1st of March 66”, for the building’s centenary celebrations (2006)


Museu da Cidade - Exhibition “Rio Mostra Doações”


Museu Light de Energia



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