Daniela Chindler

Director of the company and general coordinator of the educational projects. Has been developing non-formal educational projects for the past 27 years. Curator of many Bienais do Livro. Developed the theatrical visits at the Academia Brasileira de Letras, which was on show for 15 years. Is the author of awarded children books like Bibliotecas do Mundo (2012), considered the best brazilian informative book for kids and youngsters of the year by FNLIJ.

Flavia Rocha

Production coordinator at Sapoti Projetos Culturais since 2001. Responsible for the administrative coordination of CCBB Educative in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte, as well as artistic coordination at Light Museum of Energy. Bachelor of Arts in Letters- Portuguese/ Literature , UFRJ.

Gabriela da Fonseca

Production General Coordinator at CCBB Educative Program of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia since 2013. Coordinates teams and projects in temporary exhibitions. Bachelor and Licensed in History in History by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Lato Sensu Postgraduate in Museum Education ISERJ. with research in Heritage and Museum Education, UFRJ. Experienced researcher in Science (FAPERJ) and Education (PIBID). Fluent english and french.

Fabiana Martelotte

Graduated in Fashion Design, Postgraduated in Home Design by Senai-Cetiqt with a major in Education by UNESA. Fabiana was an educator Rio de Janeiro’s CCBB Educative Program and Operational Supervisor of the team from the temporary exhibition Avenida Rio Branco, 110 anos do IPHAN/RJ. Fluent in Brazilian Sign Language dedicating to Acessibility projects since 2014 in Sapoti.

Fernanda Galvão

Administrative Coordinator of Sapoti. Fernanda attended Performing Arts at UNIRIO (2012- 2015) and is graduated in International Relations from UNESP - campus Franca. Worked as Operational Supervisor at the Educational Program of the Museu do Meio Ambiente (Environment Museum) - Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro from 2014 to 2015. From 2003 to 2009, she was in charge for the International Cooperation at a project funded by UNESCO for the social inclusion of visually impaired students. Has published an academic research funded by FAPESP. Fluent in English and Spanish.

Simone Vieira

Born in the state of Minas Gerais, Simone lives in the city of Rio de Janeiro since 2008 entering the universe of Cultural Production as Executive Producer. She is Administrative Coordinator of Sapoti, an area experienced for 15 years. Graduated in Administration by Estácio de Sá College of Belo Horizonte/MG and professional courses of the Ministry of Culture in Businesse Plans, Cultural Management and Creative Endeavor.

Larissa Altoé

Administrative Coordinator of Sapoti. Coursing Postgraduation Lato Sensu in Cultural Management (2016-atual) with emphasis in Development and Market on SENAC. Larissa is graduated in Fashion and Costume by Estácio de Sá/RJ (2003-2006) and Postgraduated in Visual Arts’ History by College Dulcina de Morais/DF (2008-2009). Experience in the Ministry of Culture for 7 years analysing projects by the Law of Incentivo Fiscal Federal.

Daniela Ejzykowicz

Trainee at Sapoti in research and content production. Undergraduate in Museology, UNIRIO (2012-now). Have worked as collections advisor at Casa Marquesa de Santos- Museum of Brazilian Fashion (2013-2015) and researcher at FIOCRUZ for the Memory Center Project, Hospital Evandro Chagas( 2013-2014). Fluent in english and spanish.

Pet and Security.


Karen Montija

Pedagogical Coordinator of CCBB Educative Program of São Paulo and Brasilia. Has also coordinated the educative projects of Sapoti’s temporary expositions at SESC Pompeia, OCA- Ibirapuera Park and Centro Cultural dos Correios. Bachelor and Licensed in Visual Arts, UNESP and graduated photographer, SENAC. Between 2007 and 2014 has presented herself as artist exhibitor, educator, consultant and educational coordinator at several different projects.

Danilo Filho

Pedagogical Coordinator at CCBB Educative in Belo Horizonte. Master in Art Education, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. Licensed in Scenic Arts, UFMG. In 2015 participated in Madrid as artist-educator at Postales Sonoras Project, winner at aducative-artistic residency Levadura, promoted by the collection Pedagogias Invisibles and Santander Bank Foundation. Performed in several plays as a diretor, actor and dancer.

Camila Alves

Graduated in Psychology by the Fluminense Federal University, Postgraduated in Reichian Therapy and courses a Master’s degree in Psychology by UFF. Works at Rio de Janeiro’s CCBB Educative Program since 2011, and right now is its Pedagogical Coordinator. Camila studies Mediation and Accesibility in cultural places proposing its research in Aesthetics Accessibility. As a Storyteller, Camila faz worked in the Dorina Nowill Institute and as an educator in Instituto Mesa. Was a Consultant in Accessibility for such places as Tomie Ohtake Institute, SESC-Pompeia, Museu do Amanhã, SESC-Departamento Nacional, CRAB-SEBRAE.

Camila Oliveira

Bachelor em Painting/Visual Arts by UFRJ and works in educational projects since 2011, developing researches, producing and organizing activities for visitors focusing on sensory experiences, arts and acessibility. Nowadays is Educative Coordinator of Rio de Janeiro’s CCBB Educative Program. Has already worked ans educator, supervisor and also coordinated temporarily Brasília’s CCBB Educative Program. Camila is part of the development of accessibility programs of Sapoti. Fluent in english.

Natália Salles

Graduated in Events' Management and Production by Estácio de Sá University (2008). Works in team management in Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil for 15 years. In CCBB Rio de Janeiro was employed in diferente functions on the enterprises Probank S/A (2002 a 2011) e Randstad Recursos Humanos (2011 a 2014), one of the functions was as Supervisor of Activities and Cultural. Acts as Procutions Coordinator of São Paulo’s CCBB Educative Program since 2014.

Maria Emília Abreu Carneiro

Educative Coordinator of Belo Horizonte’s CCBB Educative Program. Graduated in Philosophy (Bachelor/Licensed) and Postgraduated in Contemporary Philosophy by PUC-MG. Philosophy teacher on the State of Minas Gerais Education Secretary since 2010. Works in museus since 2008 beggining in a stage of arts and education, after experiencing supervision, production and coordination in Casa Fiat de Cultura and Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil.

Clarissa Oliveira

Production Coordinator of Rio de Janeiro’s CCBB Educative Program. Bachelor and Licensed in Social Sciences - Sociology, Antropology and Politics by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2008); Master in Cultural Patrimony by the University of Barcelona, Spain (2011); Postgraduated in Museum Education by Ibram/ISERJ (2016). Experienced researches in the fields of Antropology and Sociologya, dedicating to the studies of cultural practices and conceptions. From 2013 to 2015 worked in differents researches at Museu de Arte do Rio - MAR.

Natália Vinhal

Bachelor and Licensed in Theatre by the University of Brasília, Natália works in cultural projects since 2012, such as Cultural Mediator, Production Coordinator and now on as Pedagogical Coordinator Assistant in Brasília’s CCBB Educative Program. Since 2014 researches strategies in theatrical mediation in the group "Mediato - Diálogo com espectadores".




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