The Educational Program for CCBB (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil) Rio de Janeiro’s

(august 2006/today).

Most visited Cultural Center, appearing five times on The ArtNewspaper’s top 20 list of most popular exhibitions in 2014.

The Educational Program of CCBB São Paulo

(july 2008/today)

Award winner for the exhibition of Iberê Camargo: Um Trágico nos Trópicos

The Educational Program of CCBB Belo Horizonte

(July 2013/today).

Started with the opening of the Cultural Center itself

Brasilia’s CCBB

(february 2014/today).

Allowed the unification and exchange between all CCBB’s Educational Programs with musical, arts, theatrical and performance activities to welcome and tease the visitors.

Educational Program for Light Cultural Center

(november 2012/today).

Energy Museum of Light taking scholar groups in to the sciences exhibition about energy.

Educational Program from Museu do Meio Ambiente ( Environment Museum)

(july 2012 – january 2015).

At the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, focused on sustainability and biodiversity.

Educative History at Movement - Museum Memorial Getúlio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro.


Educational Program with theatrical actions that enliven the expography for scholar groups.

Educativo do Museu da Gente Sergipana, Aracaju


Educativo da Galeria do BNDES, Rio de Janeiro



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