When we become assiduous readers, the page turning experience becomes intimate and no longer shared with others, quite the opposite of a storytelling experience. An object-book dwells inside this intimacy and diverts from the traditional format. The object-book has a visual storyline and gains multiple aspects according to the story being mediated. It's not just a visual aid to bring out the text, but a three-dimensional object that we can "toy" with, that we can "read", "write", "assemble" or "play".

Kandinsky Exhibit: Everything Starts from a Dot
Artist book

The Artist book features two main ideas for the exhibition “Kandinsky: everything starts from a dot”. The first kit has three reproductions of fragmented Kandinsky paintings printed on transparencies. Narratives were created combining the printed elements overlapping the transparencies or even using a light table to emphasize them. The second book, inspired by Katsumi Komagata, reproduces the abstract painting (Naif) fragmented into ten two-ply sheets that form supporting triangles. The painting was dismantled highlighting the color palette and the painter's gestures, creating new paintings in the canvas, associating the colors and shapes of each fragment.

Patricia Piccinini Exhibit: ComCiência Monster Book

Is every animal born from a belly? Does every animal drink milk? What is it like to be different? Patricia Piccinini creates an artificial universe inhabited by genetically modified beings. We provided "Quiet Books" to amaze our small visitors and to encourage them to create their own creatures. These are children's books made of Velcro with activities designed to stimulate their motor skills.


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