Institutions we receive: :

APAE - Non- profit NGO that mainly assists the mentally or multiple disabled people over 14 years old. (Brasilia)

Sarah Hospital Chain - Hospitals that assist children and adults with demands related to rehabilitation of neurological and orthopedic pathologies. (Brasilia)

Benjamin Constant Institute - A brazilian reference center for the visually impaired. Maintain own school, develop professional skills, assist schools and institutions, produce printed contents in Braille and scientific publications. (Rio de Janeiro)

CAPS AD Miriam Makeba - A health center specially dedicated to the alcohol and drugs addicts, following the Health Ministry guidelines, valueing the patient’s freedom during treatment aiming his social reintegration. (Rio de Janeiro)

Crescer Institute - The institute develops specialized Pedagogy and multidisciplinar treatment for kids and youngsters with ASD, Austism Spectrum Disorder. (Rio de Janeiro)

Behavioral Intervention Center - The center nowadays assists 60 kids with atypical development, in their majority on the austistic spectrum. Offers behavioural therapy, physiotherapy, speech and psychopedagogy. (Rio de Janeiro)

Terra Group - Organization that promotes leisure activities for the visually impaired. (São Paulo)

CAPS - Mental health center for the treatment and social reintegration of people with severe, persistent mental disorder. (São Paulo)

Santa Teresinha Institute Private school for the hearing impaired. (São Paulo)

Mental Health Community Center of Barreiro - Public organization that values freedom during treatment, social reintegration and empowerment. (Belo Horizonte)

Crepúsculo NGO developing artistic, clinical and pedagogical activities. (Belo Horizonte)

MUDEVI - The Visually Impaired Unified Movement, non- profit organization. (Belo Horizonte)


British Council – “Unlimited” project of accessibility in cultural environments.

Dorina Nowill Foundation for the blind - nonprofit and philanthropic Organization, that has been working for 60 years for the inclusion of people with visual disabilities through the production and distribution of braille books, audiobooks and accessible e-books. The Foundation also offers programs in the areas of special education, rehabilitation and clinic.

Educational project of the Modern Arts Museum of São Paulo for deaf visitors.


“Práticas e Reflexões com Educadores” Magazine, title: "accessibility".

Publication of Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. (2011).

Article: “O encontro da equipe educativa com o público: mediação e suporte” (The meeting of the educational team and the public) as a part of “Possibilidades do Impossível: arte, educação, diálogos e contexto” (Possibilities within the impossible: art, education, dialogs and context) of the 10th Mercosul Biennial (2015).


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