We’ve developed an app to ensure autonomy for the people with hearing disabilities. Videos are available in sign language subtitled in Portuguese so companions or hearing impaired people who can’t understand sign language can also enjoy their visit.

The works of art can be accessed in any order, following the interest of the visitor. We do not impose any particular order out of respect to individual curiosities.

The pedagogical approach is essential for the screenplay of the videos. They’re not just a mere informative material. Sapoti Projetos Culturais believes that it is crucial that the support is as close as possible to a conversation. So the videos raise questions and reflections, point to details and also convey other references.

The Libras (Brazilian sign language) videos made for the series of works are also online and can be downloaded on any device (cell phones, computers, tablets). The videos are accessed by QR Codes available in the museum’s website and also displayed alongside the works with a link to the YouTube video.


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